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Grill & Bonfire

Grill & Bonfire

To ensure our guests' comfortable time during long summer evenings, we have built circles in the garden of our Willa Pod Czantorią for grilling on natural wood or for bonfires. We have arranged an area with mountain stones around the stone circles, set up tasteful tables with beautifully carved benches. In the vicinity of the circles, near the garage, our guests will find wood prepared for them. For the most demanding guests, the whole set is complemented by a gas grill, located under the gazebo, where, regardless of the weather, our guests can prepare exquisite dishes with a unique taste.


  • Grilling circles
  • Tasteful tables with carved benches
  • Firewood available for guests
  • Gas grill under the gazebo
  • Possibility to prepare dishes regardless of the weather
  • Comfortable spending of long summer evenings
  • Ideal place for demanding guests who appreciate exquisite dishes
Grill & Bonfire
Grill & Bonfire
Grill & Bonfire
Grill & Bonfire
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